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Highly accredited and easy to talk to specialist divorce lawyers for men. Here to help you in a difficult time of your life.

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Divorce and Men

Justin Law are a regional, top-tier specialist firm of family law solicitors. Family law is all we do, so whatever your situation it will be familiar to us. Our divorce lawyers can handle a broad range of family law matters from uncontested divorce to complex asset division. 

One of the unique expertise of our divorce solicitors is their knowledge paternity rights and the implification for men in a divorce.

We act for clients locally and in the surrounding areas of Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor and Beaconsfield, the Thames Valley and M4 corridor as well as further afield, both nationally and internationally.

Divorce and men

When it comes to matters of divorce, men have different needs and usually have to deal with immense financial pressures on top of the mental and emotional pressures that are prevalent with going through the stresses of a divorce, particularly if there are children involved.

Finding the right divorce lawyer for men is of utmost importance especially when it comes to the financial burdens, since in most divorces it is the man who carries the bulk of that responsibility solely upon his shoulders. He can be easily taken advantage of by his soon to be ex-wife if he is not properly advised by a professional divorce lawyer for men that is both highly qualified, specialises in family law and trained to meet the unique needs of men in a divorce situation.

Your assets in a divorce

Divorce is disruptive for any man. You may be concerned about protecting your assets and income on divorce, as well as ensuring you get to spend plenty of time with your children. Our unique combination of commercial understanding and legal expertise will help you to obtain the best possible settlement from your divorce.

The law of dividing assets on divorce is a skilled and complex task. This can also be a hotly contested issue. One of the main reasons for this is that the Court has a very wide discretion in deciding who gets what.

Your finances in a divorce

Our forensic approach will ensure that you get a fair outcome and are able to safeguard your assets and income. You may also be required to pay ongoing maintenance to your spouse.

As part of our service, all our divorce solicitors work with our in-house accounting team. Extensive experience of tax, property, valuations, accounts and pension knowledge ensures you have a clear picture of the finances and assets in your marriage from the beginning. Justin Law are skilled at negotiating financial settlements and settling financial disputes between parties – including the division of savings, assets and the family home.

Where there are dependent children under the age of 18, this will have a large influence on how the Court exercises its discretion in dividing matrimonial assets.

    Our specialist divorce lawyers for men can help you

    We truly understand that the needs of men are different when it comes to divorce and child residence. We are here to proudly represent you while making this extremely difficult time in your life one that can be made a bit easier in the hands of experienced, successful lawyers who truly have your best interests as men, and perhaps also as fathers, at the forefront of our care and services.

    We can help

    We appreciate that separations can be distressing. Our family law team are both experienced and sensitive and will explain your options and their consequences clearly and carefully. We can also meet you outside normal business hours.

    Whether you need advice about separation, divorce, or the dividing of assets, our team of specialist divorce lawyers for men are on hand to give you the advice and guidance that you need. 

    Justin Law Solicitors provide quality advice at an affordable rate enabling a broad range of clients to manage the financial negotiations effectively.

      Leigh Holden | Legal Secretary

      Harjas Sehra | Senior Partner

      Whatever your legal requirements, our divorce and family law solicitors are on hand to provide clear, informed and professional advice.

      Confidential, private and available 24 hours a day, weekends included.

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      7 reasons to choose Justin Law Solicitors


      Our client’s 5 star reviews which simply speak for themselves.


      Excellent client care, fighting to win for you and your family.


      We take the emotion out of divorce and family matters, dealing with things with a clear tactical view.


      On call legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


      We offer fixed fee or competitive pay as you go options.


      Not only do we have the best solicitors in the region, we are excellent strategists – an often overlooked component.


      Evening, weekend and early morning appointments all available.

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      Justin Law Solicitors are based in Slough and we always welcome clients to meet us in our offices. However we serve clients nationally and internationally, we have handled complex matters working remotely just as well as we would for local clients. We are proud to be a local law firm, and now we can be your local law firm, wherever you are in England and Wales, or further abroad

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      Client reviews – You are in safe hands

      I would have no problems in recommending Justin Law - C Freeman

      Being quite surprised, and I guess panicking that my ex-wife had instructed solicitors in what I thought would be an amicable process I went to Justin Law (Harjas Sehra) for advice. What I really appreciated was that Harjas was clear in his advice for what he felt was the best path to financial settlement for me, even though that path was not going to be very lucrative for him. He could have easily given alternative advice, drawn the process out and earned significant fees. That is why I would have no problems in recommending Justin Law / Harjas.

      Highly experienced 'heavyweight' - T Hawkings

      After nearly four years of wrangling with my ex-wife (more accurately with her partner and his solicitor buddy pulling her strings) I engaged Justin Law's services. Situation resolved inside 6 months! I suspect that the minute they realised they were dealing with a highly experienced 'heavyweight' they backed off rapidly. I don't really care though all that mattered was the result and Justin Law guided me to achieve that with minimal angst.

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