Divorce and Financial Settlement Solicitors

Divorce and Financial Settlements Solicitors who can handle any financial matters during a divorce. Justin Law Solicitors will guide you through the divorce settlement process. We will advise you to help you reach the financial settlement that is right for you and your family.

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Divorce and Financial Settlement Solicitors

Justin Law are a regional, top-tier specialist firm of family law solicitors. Family law is all we do, so whatever your situation it will be familiar to us. Our divorce lawyers can handle a broad range of family law matters from uncontested divorce to complex asset division. 

One of the unique expertise of our divorce solicitors is their knowledge on financial claims and financial settlements during a divorce.

We act for clients locally and in the surrounding areas of Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor and Beaconsfield, the Thames Valley and M4 corridor as well as further afield, both nationally and internationally.

All of our divorce financial settlement clients are offered a free initial meeting with no time limit.

Your finances in a divorce

As part of our service, all our divorce solicitors work closely with experts in their respective fields. Extensive experience of tax, property, valuations, accounts and pension knowledge ensures you have a clear picture of the finances and assets in your marriage from the beginning. Justin Law are skilled at negotiating financial settlements and settling financial disputes between parties – including the division of savings, assets and the family home.

If your instinct is telling you that assets have been hidden or the figures are not adding up, our experts are on hand to untangle finances, both personal and business, to identify any discrepancies, including revealing hidden assets and income.

Do I need a financial settlement in a divorce?

Yes. A Decree Absolute in divorce proceedings or a Final Order in dissolution proceedings will not deal with the potential financial claims arising as a result of your marriage/civil partnership. Unless these financial claims have been formally dismissed by an Order of the Court they remain alive. This means that a financial claim can potentially still be brought many years after a marriage/civil partnership has ended. It is therefore advisable to resolve the financial issues before finalising the divorce/dissolution, so that you can both move forward in your lives with peace of mind. Our divorce and financial settlements solicitors will provide clear and professional advice through this process.

How to get the right financial settlement

As a married person, you have legal rights to financial provision from your spouse on divorce. 

We are here to answer any questions that you may have. These questions may include:


    Will the family home have to be sold and if it is, how will the sale proceeds be divided?


    If the family home has to be sold, how will both of you meet your housing needs?


    What money will you both have to live on?


    Whether child maintenance is payable and if it is, at what level?


    How should the other assets of the family be divided?


    How should your pension assets be treated?

    Our Divorce and Financial Settlement Solicitors can help you

    Justin Law are skilled at negotiating financial settlements and settling financial disputes between parties – including the division of savings, assets and the family home. Avoid financial mistakes in your divorce with help from our expert lawyers and accountants.

    With a dedicated divorce and financial settlements solicitor to help navigate you through critical financial discussions to reach a divorce settlements. Your dedicated financial settlement solicitor will be available to answer any of your questions, you can always rely on Justin Law.

    As divorce lawyers specialising in financial settlements, our approach is strategic and well calculated. We pride ourselves on our strong negotiation techniques that inspire trust and compromise from the other side, you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands for finding a solution that provides you with the security and stability you deserve.

    Divorce financial settlement:10-step process


    1. Notice of application - Form A

    Sending a completed From A (‘Notice of an application for a financial order’) starts off the process of financial settlement.


    2. First Directions Appointment date

    The court sets a date for the First Directions Appointment (FDA). The judge will use this meeting to consider what information each side needs to provide in order to create the divorce financial settlement.


    3. Financial statement - Form E

    Each of you sends the court a From E (Financial Statement) at least five weeks before the FDA. You also send a copy to each other.


    4. FDA documents

    These documents are filed two weeks before the FDA:

    • A concise statement of issues.
    • A chronology of events.
    • A questionnaire to address issues arising from the Form E.
    • A Form G, through which you tell the court whether the FDA meeting can be combined with the Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) meeting. Typically the FDR meeting takes place after the FDA meeting.

    5. Costs - Form H

    Each party sends the court a completed Form H just before the FDA meeting, listing any costs they have incurred.


    6. FDA meeting at court

    The judge will decide what valuations and other evidence must be provided and what questions must be answered by each party in respect of the divorce financial settlement.

    Many judges are keen to see whether a resolution meeting (see 8 below) can take place at this stage. If not, a date is set for the FDR meeting.


    7. File proposals

    Both sides answer questionnaires, prepare evidence, and submit proposals to the court for the divorce financial settlement.

    Both sides also submit a second Form H, listing updated costs.

    Many judges are keen to see whether a resolution meeting (see 8 below) can take place at this stage. If not, a date is set for the FDR meeting.


    8. FDR hearing

    The judge will try to get both parties to agree to a financial settlement. Most divorcing couples settle at this stage (or soon afterwards). If not, the judge sets the date for a final hearing.


    9. Further proposals

    The negotiations continue between the two sides, including revised proposals for settlement that are sent to the court and to the other party.


    10. Final hearing

    In the absence of any agreement, and following the submission of updated costs on a Form H1, a new judge decides on a financial settlement.

    Our Divorce and Financial Settlements Solicitors will remain by your side to ensure you make the right financial decisions to protect you and your family’s future.

    We can help

    We appreciate that separations can be distressing. Our divorce and financial settlements solicitors are both experienced and sensitive and will explain your options and their consequences clearly and carefully. We can also meet you outside normal business hours.

    If you are facing divorce or separation, you will require the experience and expertise of a knowledgeable divorce and finances solicitor. We will be able to quickly ascertain your financial disclosure and personal circumstances to give realistic advice as to what the possible outcome may be. Justin Law Solicitors provide this expertise.

    Financial disputes can prove to be the most costly part of a marriage breakdown. Ultimately, co-operation on both sides is the key to keeping legal costs to a minimum and a divorce settlement that suits all parties.

    Justin Law Solicitors provide quality advice at an affordable rate enabling a broad range of clients to manage the financial negotiations effectively.

      Leigh Holden | Legal Secretary

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      Whatever your legal requirements, our divorce and family law solicitors are on hand to provide clear, informed and professional advice.

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      7 reasons to choose Justin Law Solicitors


      Our client’s 5 star reviews which simply speak for themselves.


      Excellent client care, fighting to win for you and your family.


      We take the emotion out of divorce and family matters, dealing with things with a clear tactical view.


      On call legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


      We offer fixed fee or competitive pay as you go options.


      Not only do we have the best solicitors in the region, we are excellent strategists – an often overlooked component.


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      Justin Law Solicitors are based in Slough and we always welcome clients to meet us in our offices. However we serve clients nationally and internationally, we have handled complex matters working remotely just as well as we would for local clients. We are proud to be a local law firm, and now we can be your local law firm, wherever you are in England and Wales, or further abroad

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      Client reviews – You are in safe hands

      Having you in my corner has made everything easier - J Whelan

      I want to say a massive, massive thank you to Harjas and Leigh. They have both been excellent from day one, providing support and guidance in a way I could understand. Their eye for detail is amazing. The team are warm, engaging and supportive – Nothing ever felt like to much. Harjas has gone over and above to make sure he had all the information for my complex case to ensure I had the very best service. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you Harjas and Leigh, it’s an end to a very long and hard chapter. Having you in my corner made everything easier.

      The best possible outcome - S Instone

      I was guided through every step of the process and always felt valued, listened to and like I mattered. I was very emotional at times and my solicitor helped to reassure me and calm me down. He put together an amazing team who represented me well in court to get the best possible outcome. My solicitor was Harjas Sehra.

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