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Clean Break Orders

Justin Law are a regional, top-tier specialist firm of family law solicitors. Family law is all we do, so whatever your situation it will be familiar to us. Our divorce lawyers can handle a broad range of family law matters from uncontested divorce to complex asset division. 

One of the unique expertise of our divorce solicitors is their knowledge on Clean Break Financial Orders.

A clean break order is a type of financial settlement agreed by both parties to a divorce and is used to essentially draw a line in the sand regarding all financial commitments. Without a clean break order or a consent order from the court, your ex-spouse could make a financial claim against you at any time in the future.

All of our financial settlement clients are offered a free initial meeting with no time limit.

Why get a clean break order?

When you get divorced, the decree absolute that legally ends the marriage doesn’t end the couples financial committments. A clean break order or consent order is needed in order to do this.

Getting divorced doesn’t end your financial commitments to one another. The only way you can sever all financial ties and prevent future financial claims following a divorce is to obtain a clean break order or financial consent order.

The purpose of a clean break is to show the court that both parties are able to live financially separately from one another without either party becoming destitute and that neither party wishes to make financial claims against the other in the future.

If you wish to protect any future wealth you inherit or generate through a range of means then it’s essential you deal with the financial aspect of divorce as well.

What happens if I do not get a clean break order?

If you do not get a clean break order, your ex-spouse is within their right to make a financial claim. This means he/she can request further financial assistance from you, regardless of whether you have been divorced for one year or twenty years.

This is because a divorce does not end your financial commitments to each other. This may seem strange, seeing as a divorce ends your marriage and permits you to marry other people. However, you continue to have a financial responsibility to one another, even once the Decree Absolute has been issued.

The only way to sever the financial ties between you is to get a clean break order from the court.

The benefits of a clean break order

Clean break orders are put in place to end all financial committments between a divorcing couple. This involves dealing with all the assets and financial committments, including property, savings, maintenance and pensions.

Clean Break Orders are particularly useful in situations where the marriage lasted for only a few years, and the parties can live financially independent of the other.  If both people are working and any capital or other assets can be split fairly between them, it is more likely that a clean break can be made.

In simple terms, if the following things are true you would have a clean break divorce:


    You have sold the house


    You have split the savings


    No spousal maintenance payments will be made


    You are going to share the joint pensions

    Our clean break order solicitors can help you

    Justin Law are skilled at negotiating financial settlements and clean break orders.

    Even if you cannot obtain a clean break settlement straight away you should discuss your options with your divorce solicitor and structure any ongoing maintenance payments so they will eventually come to an end.

    Getting expert legal advice from Justin Law can really help you to be clear about where you stand and to feel more in control of the situation.

    We can help

    We appreciate that separations can be distressing. Our family law team are both experienced and sensitive and will explain your options and their consequences clearly and carefully. We can also meet you outside normal business hours.

    If you are facing divorce or separation, you will require the experience and expertise of a knowledgeable divorce and finances solicitor. We will be able to quickly ascertain your financial disclosure and personal circumstances to give realistic advice as to what the possible outcome may be. Justin Law Solicitors provide this expertise.

    Financial disputes can prove to be the most costly part of a marriage breakdown. Ultimately, co-operation on both sides is the key to keeping legal costs to a minimum and a divorce settlement that suits all parties.

    Justin Law Solicitors provide quality advice at an affordable rate enabling a broad range of clients to manage the financial negotiations effectively.

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      Excellent – compassionate, reassuring accessible service. No pretence or baffling legal speak – engaging a solicitor is intimidating but we were quite at ease in Mr Sehra’s office. Prompt action and always reachable by telephone or email. Would recommend this firm to anyone with family law issues.

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      Service provided by Mr Harjas Sehra and staff, Professional well managed approach, timely delivery, Friendly attitude and Responsible behaviour all what is required has been provided by Mr Sehra. He turned a complicated situation into a success for me and I am highly certain by his determination that he can do it for anyone.

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